First in a series of books for Alzheimer’s patients or any person with dementia or memory loss.



The latest in Eliezer's series of simple and beautiful picture books designed for Alzheimer's and dementia patients. L'Chaim! was created specifically for Jewish people with memory loss.

A spiritual journalist's misadventures with gurus, messiahs, sex, psychedelics
and other consciousness-raising experiments

      Selected by National Book Award winner John Casey as the winner of the Peter Taylor Prize for the Novel

  A personal, one-day quest to liberate the artist and lover within        

When I began my spiritual journey in earnest, at age 23, I was fortunate enough to meet Ram Dass. His prior identity in the world had been as Dr. Richard Alpert, Harvard Psychologist. But by then he declared that he was simply “a Being going to God.” Since I don’t know if I’m going to God, I am left with only the "Being" part. I wrote "Human Being" as the job title on my business card, but the first time I gave it to someone, he asked, "Yes, but are you any good at what you do?" It's an excellent question.

And I am a writer secondarily, but I only think of myself as a writer when I’m actually engaged in the act of writing. When I am painting, I am an artist; when playing my guitar or piano, a musician; when bathing, I am a bather. 

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“Looking for God can be very time-consuming and expensive. The irony, of course, is that actually being with God is timeless and free of charge.”

— Eliezer Sobel

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